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Fixing the electrics

For the past week or so, I’ve been having problems with the light in my bathroom. It was getting increasingly reluctant to turn on – which is a pretty fundamental requirement for a light! Sometimes it agreed to work if I turned it on, off, and then back on again, and sometimes it wouldn’t come on at all. I changed the light bulb, and it still didn’t work, so it clearly wasn’t that simple.

It wasn’t originally particularly urgent, as I don’t use that bathroom very often, since I have an en suite in my bedroom, and indeed a shower room in the extension. In fact, I have more loos than I know what to do with! But I had a friend from university coming to stay last weekend, and I didn’t want her to have to use a torch to go to the loo in the middle on the night, so I thought I’d better try to get it repaired. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my usual electrician out in time to fix it before Katie arrived, which was annoying. I had to explain that it was currently a daytime-only bathroom, and she’d have to use the one in the extension after sunset…….

So I arranged instead to take today off work and get the electrician round to fix the bathroom light and do some other little jobs that needed sorting out. I had been a bit concerned lest the dodgy light was a symptom of the mice chewing on the wiring in the loft, but it turned out to be a faulty switch – much easier (and cheaper!) to fix. He also replaced my doorbell which has been annoying me for about ten years by “buzzing” rather than “ringing”. It took him a great deal of sighing and grunting, so I don’t think the job was quite a straightforward as he had thought, but now the bathroom light is working again, and the doorbell rings properly at last.

While he was here, I had also wanted him to look at the external PIR lights which have also stopped working. I got the window cleaner to go up his long ladder and change the bulb in one of the external lights a few months ago, but that didn’t make any difference, so it clearly needs an electrician with a good head for heights to have a look. However, it was pouring with rain, and forecast to remain so all day, so neither he nor I thought it was worth the risk of sending him up a ladder to investigate. That will have to wait for another time.

It sometimes seems as if I’m running to keep still with the maintenance on this house!