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Digging out the car

Well, it snowed pretty much all day yesterday. I spent about two hours in the afternoon wielding a snow shovel, trying to clear the drive of about 4″ of snow. But more came down in the later afternoon and overnight, so I was back out again this morning, shifting a further inch. Fortunately, my neighbours were also clearing their drive this morning, and when they’d finished theirs they very kindly helped me with mine. It was much quicker with three of us working on it!

There's a car under there somewhere.....

I must have shifted literally several cubic metres of snow. Much of it is piled up against the garage doors (on the left in the picture above) so there is no way I’ll be able to put the car away until it’s all thawed. At least it was good exercise!

The roads seem fairly clear today. While I was clearing the drive yesterday I saw a couple of snowploughs go past on the main road – or rather, they were just tractors with snowplough attachments on the front, but they seemed to do the job well enough.  I had my newspaper delivered on time this morning, but there’s been no sign of any post. I’m not planning on going anywhere until Monday, then I’ll see if I can get into work. Black ice is the next problem though, if there’s a partial thaw and a re-freeze.