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Jubilee Beacon

If you squint you can just about make out the bonfire on top of the hill in the distance!

Malvern has been making a big fuss about the Diamond Jubilee holiday, with street parties and “fun for all the family”. But I really wasn’t feeling in the mood for a party, so I just hunkered down at home and ignored as much of it as I could. On Monday night the celebrations culminated with the lighting of a huge bonfire on the top of the Worcestershire Beacon, one of a chain of beacons that were lit across the country. Apparently, several thousand people climbed the hill to witness it being lit – but I wasn’t one of them. However, I did think, a bit like with the Olympic Torch, that it was unnecessarily churlish to completely ignore a once-in-a-lifetime event.  So I thought I ought to at least see if I could see the lit beacon from the house, so that I could accurately claim that I had witnessed it. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see it from my front room as it was hidden behind a tree. So I climbed to the top of my garden and could see it in the distance from there. I took a very blurry hand-held photo as evidence of the event – I’m sure Christopher would have made a big production of using a tripod and multi-second exposure with his DSLR. But a blurry snap will have to do.