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Waiting for the Mouse-man

I really shouldn’t have moaned about being woken up by the dawn chorus. 04:29 is a veritable lie-in compared to being awoken by tap-dancing, heavy-partying rodents at 3am! Yes, the mice are back in my loft, and as usual are living it up directly above my bed. They usually aren’t much of a nuisance over the summer, normally only moving into the house in the winter. But the weather recently has been so atrocious that they seem to have decided they want to be indoors. I certainly sympathise with that feeling, but I’m not going to tolerate having my sleep disturbed by them.

I’ve been working from home today while waiting for Tim, my trusty pest-controller, to come and deal with them. I have him on an annual retainer, and I have to say that’s worth every penny. He’ll come out within just a day or two of a call from me, and I can call as many times per year as I need, at no extra charge. Living out in the country as I do, I can’t expect to avoid mice entirely, so it is very reassuring to have Tim on call. I don’t mind them in the garden, but they do a huge amount of damage when they get in the loft, chewing on insulation and on anything I store up there. Indeed, when the man came round a few weeks ago to survey the insulation in the loft, he commented that I’d obviously got mice, as they had had a good chew on everything!