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The mice are back….

I’ve been sleeping very badly lately, which has been at least partly due to mice returning to the loft. Just as I’m about to drop off, there is a “scrabble scrabble scrabble” sound as a mouse runs from one end of the loft above my bedroom to the other end – right above my head. In the middle of the night that’s very loud, and enough to jerk me right awake. Then, just as I relax again, it runs back in the other direction. This can go on all night – to my certain knowledge from 10:30pm through to 3am. Which is extremely frustrating – particularly if I have to be up early the next day to get to a meeting the other end of the country.

I have the local pest control company on an annual contract, so it should have been a simple matter to call out Tim to deal with the infestation. Usually, he will fit me in the next day if I have mouse trouble. But I’ve been working away from home a lot recently, with early morning starts and not getting home until late, so I just haven’t been home to let a tradesman in. Another disadvantage of being on my own – when Chris was alive we rarely were away on business the same day, so it was more straightforward to arrange to cover house calls. However, I had a Malvern-based day today, so Tim was able to come over this morning before work and do his stuff. I’m hopeful that will fix things for a while, though it’s not instantaneous. In fact, things tend to get worse (i.e. louder) before the sounds stop altogether. So I think it’s going to have to be ear plugs tonight – at least I don’t have an early start tomorrow, so it won’t matter too much if I fail to hear my alarm!

So once again I’ve failed in the challenge I’ve been set to have 10 consecutive tradesman-free days before Christmas………