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A very middle-class problem

Waitrose in Malvern has closed for a week for refurbishment, and you can’t get much more of a middle class discomfort than that! In my case, not only is my preferred purveyor of good quality food unavailable, but I expect my social life to take a nose-dive too – as on almost every shopping trip I meet someone I know in the aisles and stop for a good gossip. And, worse still, I believe they’re closing the carpark too for the duration. Admittedly, it does need resurfacing, but it’s by far the most convenient level carpark in town.

The other traders are really worried about the knock-on effects. On the one hand, the butcher & greengrocer may get extra trade, but on the other hand it could well be that the punters will desert Malvern entirely all week if they can’t park at Waitrose. The butcher told me that he doesn’t know whether to order extra supplies, or nothing at all – it’s very uncertain for them.

I did a big shop yesterday to stock up in advance of a Waitrose-free week. I did my meat and veg shop first at the butchers and greengrocers respectively – and it was just as well that I did. By the time I got to Waitrose mid-afternoon, the shelves were practically bare! I think it was a combination of people panic-buying and the store deliberately running perishable supplies down in advance of the closure. There was no meat of any kind other than bacon joints, practically the only vegetables left were carrots and cauliflowers, and the dairy aisle was almost empty. The staff were frantically “facing-up” by pushing the remaining items to the front of the shelves, but that couldn’t disguise the fact that there was hardly anything fresh left. There were plenty of dry goods and tins available, but that was about it.

Oh well. It’s only for a week, and in the grand scheme of things it’s hardly a disaster.

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  1. paulD | 6 November 2011 at 8:30 pm | Permalink

    Dear Gods !, Waitrose closing, what is Malvern going to do.

    Actually since leaving work we switched most of our shopping from Tesco to Aldi and save a fortune each week.

  2. Richard P | 6 November 2011 at 9:18 pm | Permalink

    Day one of the cataclysm, ,and already we’re missing the 43 varieties of balsamic vinegar.
    Could Fortnum & Mason be persuaded to do deliveries?

  3. Gillian | 7 November 2011 at 8:43 pm | Permalink

    I have checked my stocks of balsamic vinegar, and to my eternal shame I have three different kinds in my store cupboard – so no need to panic yet! Having to make do with non-organic Serrano ham though……..

  4. David A | 7 November 2011 at 5:47 pm | Permalink

    Day two, and I was forced to venture across the road to Co-op for a pint of milk. Couldn’t find any free-range organic Jamón ibérico, but perhaps the paper bag over my head was obscuring my vision too much.