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{ Monthly Archives } August 2010

An overnight set-back

Chris made such a huge effort to talk to both the consultants yesterday evening, but it seems to have taken a lot out of him. He had a very restless night which culminated in him falling out of bed and having another fit. This morning his vision and his hearing are both much worse. His […]

A visit from the consultant

By Gillian This evening the consultant oncologist came to the hospice to discuss treatment options with us. Chris was alert, sitting in a chair, and able to follow and contribute to the conversation, which was great. The nurse and palliative care consultant were both amazed at how much more with it he was compared to […]

Up and down – mostly down

By Gillian Yesterday was, by current standards at least, a goodish day. Today is less good. Chris is in no pain, but he seems very confused. The nurses and I have to speak very slowly and clearly to him, or he can’t understand us. He is also having major difficulty talking. We are waiting for […]

Hospice update, day 9

By Gillian Chris has had a more comfortable day today. He has only been sick once, and the doctor is pleased with his response to the steroids. His vision is significantly better, as is his hearing, and he is able to follow and take part in (short) conversations. He is heavily sedated, largely to moderate […]

Confirmed scan results

By Gillian I now have a copy of the scan report which was faxed from the hospital to the hospice. Chris has a new secondary tumour in the left cerebellar hemisphere. This is very likely to be the cause of the dizziness, unsteadiness and nausea that he has been experiencing. It is also probable that […]

Preliminary scan results – Bad news.

By Gillian from the hospice I spoke to one of the doctors here this morning. The scan report is not ready yet. But following yesterday’s rough day they have taken a sneak preview at the raw scan. The preliminary diagnosis is a secondary brain tumour at the back of the skull. That would explain the […]

Update from hospice day 7

By Gillian (using Christopher’s iPad at the hospice) I have been here all day and it has been quite a gruelling day altogether. There has been a step-change for the worse I’m afraid. He had a fit this morning – very like the one in January and again on the train, and collapsed on the […]