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{ Monthly Archives } July 2010

The sacrificial cup of tea

While I was receiving chemotherapy I found myself throwing up almost every morning. I learned not to take all my pills first thing, as I would inevitably lose them, or some part of them, but wouldn’t know how many or even whether I could take replacement pills. But at least the vomiting did stop me […]

Post chemo week 7 status

The big event of the week for me was the radiotherapy to my back, while Gillian has been trying to keep her workload at a more sustainable level. Gillian’s manic period at work reached a peak on Wednesday this week, but fortunately she was still able to accompany me to Cheltenham where I had my […]

The morning after the night before…..

By Gillian So Tuesday night was pretty grotty. The next day, Wednesday, I was due to pitch some ideas to one of our major customers at our company headquarters, which is several hours away down the motorway.  It was an important meeting, on a project I have been leading for the last few years, and […]

Calling out the NHS out-of-hours service

By Gillian Chris had a dose of palliative radiotherapy yesterday afternoon, on the L1 vertebra where he has a tumour. That’s about at the level of his diaphragm, so the radiation went right through his digestive system from back to front. The beneficial effects of the radiation continue for about 6 weeks. However, the unpleasant […]

Post chemo week 6 update

The past week seems to have been dominated by back-care and food, sometimes with friends. On Tuesday, despite a slightly dodgy start, I had a great time meeting friends in Ludlow, although my back paid for the fun during the whole of that evening. But it was definitely worth it. I’ve found it harder and […]

Trying to be sensible

By Gillian This weekend, we had planned to be at a garden party and dance at the house of a friend’s parents, in London. We went this time last year and both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves – even Chris danced which is not something he does often! This year, we received the invitation several months ago, […]

A pleasant foodie surprise

By Gillian Last weekend, while we were staying with my parents for some much-needed R&R, we visited a university friend of Christopher’s one day for lunch. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves chatting, and Gill cooked us all a delicious chicken risotto and an incredibly rich and gooey chocolate pudding. The cookbook she was using was Nigel […]