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Murdered to Death

By Gillian

We’re determined to try to do interesting things this summer while we can, rather than sitting at home and feeling sorry for ourselves.  There is a very good local theatre in Malvern and we are making a point of going there once a month or so. Chris isn’t really up to going out in the evening at the moment as he gets tired so easily, but fortunately there is usually a Saturday matinee performance.

This afternoon we went to see “Murdered to Death”. That was an apt description of the plot in fact. It was a murder-mystery spoof, poking fun at the genre and was chock full of stereotyped characters and plot lines. So it was set in a 1930’s country house, with a mysterious beautiful woman, a retired colonel with the stiff upper lip, a dubious butler, the put-upon niece who expects to inherit everything, several secret affairs and people who aren’t what they seem, and to top it all (as if it couldn’t get any sillier) “Miss Joan Maples” an old biddy-cum-amateur sleuth who seems to attract murder wherever she goes.

It was billed in the local paper as being hilariously funny, but to be honest it wasn’t all that good. Too cliche-ridden by half, we thought. However, it was enjoyable and we did snigger a good few times. Certainly better than moping around at home.