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{ Monthly Archives } June 2010

Reversible changes

Cancer and chemotherapy have made some quite far-reaching changes in both my body and my outlook. Some of those changes will almost certainly be permanent, such as the much shorter outlook on life, while others have been temporary. That second group is the one I’m going to write about today. I have written before how […]

Post chemotherapy week 2 status

It’s been another relatively quiet week, so this post will be quite short. The week started with a short outing to a local castle called Goodrich. We’ve been visiting it on and off for about 17 years now, so I know it quite well, and was happy to sit in the courtyard while Gillian clambered […]

Results from the MRI scan

I saw the consultant yesterday, and we discussed how things were going in general, which is really very well indeed. He was pleased that I was experiencing less pain, and that I now need to take a reduced dose of the anti-nausea medication I’m on. He asked again where I was experiencing the pain in […]

A busy Bank Holiday weekend

As I mentioned on Sunday, Gillian’s sister (J) and her boyfriend (P) came to visit this weekend. We had a fairly quiet Saturday, and in the evening I cooked a chicken VĂ©ronique with locally grown asparagus, which was delicious. It’s a very light, summery dish that I’ve grown quite fond of. The grapes soften and […]