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Two squares

My back has been a little itchy recently, so after a quick scratch in the bathroom yesterday I asked Gillian if she could see anything funny about my back.

“No,” she said, as I was walking out of the bathroom, “oh, wait a minute, there is something.”

She had seen two perfect sunburnt squares on my back, which must be due to the two bouts of radiotherapy that I had a few weeks ago. I craned my neck looking over my shoulder, and could just about make them out. One is in the middle of my back and must correspond to the T8 vertebra, while the other straddles my waistline, and covers my L5 vertebra. I have some tattooed dots on my chest and stomach, and although I can see those quite clearly, there is no sign of any sunburn anywhere near them. I can safely conclude that not much if any of the radiation got through my body.

As good things come in threes, it’s inevitable that the two squares will be joined by a third for the L1 vertebra. I simply need to find out when.