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Eerily Quiet

My house is on a main road, and even though I have double glazing throughout I can usually still hear the regular stream of traffic going past. I’m so used to the sound of the traffic that it took me quite a while today to work out what was different. There has been hardly any traffic at all – the occasional tractor and 4×4 but virtually no lorries, vans or small cars. It’s really quiet – apart from the wind howling round the chimneys.

The lack of traffic is because Storm Emma has clashed with the Beast from the East, and unleashed a significant dump of snow on the Malvern Hills. The road has been gritted, but there hasn’t been enough traffic on it to work the salt into the layers of snow, so it looks very dangerous and nearly impassable to ordinary vehicles. Not that I intend to find out – I’ve got drifts of snow up to at least a foot deep on the drive, and it’s going to be a major shovelling job to free the car. And it’s still snowing heavily with more promised for the rest of the day.

I’m so glad that I brought my laptop home with me so that I could work from home today. There’s plenty of food in the house, and I don’t actually have to be anywhere in particular over the weekend. So I’ll sit tight and hope that the promised thaw sets in on Sunday…..