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In need of tradesmen again

I’ve had over a month free of tradesmen working on the house. The last time was in early January, when I had Dynorod around to unblock the drains. I’ve rather enjoyed a month free of writing large cheques in return for getting the house put back to how it ought to be! But I might have known that it was too good to last….

The first thing that’s gone wrong is that a stain has appeared on the hall ceiling. I first noticed it just as the heavy snow was thawing, and it made me think that something in the loft had maybe frozen in the cold and was now leaking. But it’s not a big enough stain to come from a burst pipe, and I’ve had a poke around up in the loft and everything feels dry. So I’m going to just keep an eye on it and see if it gets any worse. At the very least, I will have to add “Painting the hall ceiling” to the long list of jobs I ask Rob the Decorator to do when he has his week here over the summer. At worst, it will be a job for a plumber to track down and fix a leaking part of the hot water system.

The next problem is more immediately annoying. I was doing several loads of laundry yesterday when both the washing machine and the tumble dryer stopped dead, mid-cycle. I checked the fuse box in the garage, and the utility room ring-main had tripped off. But resetting it made no difference – the appliances were still as dead as a dodo. I managed to wriggle behind the machines to unplug them, and plugged them in to an extension cable which I ran across the kitchen from a socket on a different ring-main. Both appliances happily switched themselves back on and carried on with their programmes. So that implies to me that it’s the plug socket itself that has died for some reason. That is beyond my DIY capabilities, so I’m going to have to call in an electrician. In the meantime, I can carry on as usual, but have to take great care of the cable running across the kitchen floor, as it is something of a trip hazard….