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Retro Owl Cushion

I’ve had a very lazy few days off over Easter. Apart from the trip to the theatre on Saturday, and lunch with some friends on Sunday, I’ve largely just based myself at home, re-charging my batteries. One of the ways I like to unwind is by making things, and I was pleased to discover a “Retro Owl Cushion” kit in the pile of Christmas presents that my sister brought up with her last month. I’d completely forgotten about it, as indeed had my mother who gave it to me! A long weekend seemed the ideal time to break it open.

The kit came in a small cardboard box that promised that it contained “everything you need” to make the cushion. I was dubious – the box was far too small to include the stuffing, and indeed I’ve found from experience that most such kits don’t. Certainly the last kit I made didn’t come with stuffing. I racked my brains to think of where in Malvern I might be able to buy a bag of toy stuffing on a Bank Holiday Monday, and drew a blank. Fortunately, however, I’d underestimated the kit manufacturer, who was far more resourceful than I’d expected. Tucked away in the cardboard box was a vacuum-packed bag of polyester stuffing, which was rock-solid and extremely compact. When I snipped the plastic bag to release the vacuum, there was a satisfying “hiss” as it immediately puffed up to four times its original volume!

Retro Owl Cushion

Retro Owl Cushion

The owl cushion itself was very satisfying to make. The instructions were incomplete (as they so often are in such things) and I had to refer to the photo on the box quite a lot to work out what I was meant to be doing. The colours are indeed distinctly “retro” and are a rather horrifying reminder of the seventies! I’m told that orange, brown and yellow have become very fashionable again lately – surely that must be in a heavily ironic manner?

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  1. Catharine | 8 April 2015 at 1:02 am | Permalink

    Even the blue manages to be a ‘retro’ blue – maybe that’s how it manages to come out looking very together and completely adorable. 🙂