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The Return of the Verminator

The mice in the loft have been a real nuisance this summer. They start their scrabbling about 11:30pm and keep going intermittently until about 4am – all directly above my bed. It’s the intermittent bit that’s really the problem – I can generally ignore a constant background noise when I’m trying to get to sleep, but I find myself lying there tense, waiting and listening for it to start up again. Grrrrr.

I called up Martin, the brother-in-law of my original pest controller, and he came around again to investigate. The problem is that he can only put bait down in the accessible parts of the loft, and due to the way this house has been extended over the years, there is no access to the space directly above my bedroom. So he has to put the bait down throughout the rest of the loft, and trust to the mice to sniff it out, find a way to get to it, and eat it. And of course that isn’t an instantaneous process.

Martin said that there was in fact still plenty of bait up in the loft. The mice seem only to have found some of it, and about half of the bait trays were completely empty, whilst others were still untouched. He’s topped up the empty ones, and added some “chewy blocks” of a different sort of bait which he can throw into the less accessible corners of the loft. Now it’s a case of playing a waiting game, and hoping that the mice find and take the bait so that I can get some sleep.

I certainly can’t fault the service I’m getting from Martin. If I call him out, he generally tries to get to me the next day – even at the weekend. And, given that I’m on an annual contract, it doesn’t cost me anything extra. I’m certainly getting my money’s worth this year!