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It’s been an extremely wet winter, but a very mild one. My lawn (or rather, area of moss and daisies) is absolutely sodden, but at least the mole has kept away. With a bit of luck, it’s drowned! I’ve not been snowed in, nor had to dig myself out, all winter. There’s time yet of course for all that to change – there’s a family saying that “It’s been known to snow on Father’s birthday”, which is mid-May. But the snowdrops in my flowerbeds seem to have really appreciated the mild winter, as they’ve put on an exceptionally good display this year.

My brother-in-law went out with his camera on Saturday morning and took a few photos of the snowdrops, which he is happy for me to share. I’ve got clumps of both single and double snowdrops, and the wall underneath my apple trees is looking particularly good I think.

Underneath the apple trees

Double flowers - in the sunshine!

A mixture of snowdrops