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Not totally convinced…..

Well, the porch is definitely better than it was, but I’m not totally convinced it’s fixed. There was a definite dubious damp patch on Friday morning after the overnight rain. Trouble is, I’ve not actually been around to catch it dripping, so it’s hard to be positive about where the leak is occurring. I think it’s probably mild enough that I can leave it until next week, when the builders are due back (yet again!), this time to repoint the chimney. I’m getting fed up with this!

In the meantime, my usual decorator Rob will spend this week painting the porch woodwork and kitchen window, and covering up the damp patch on my kitchen ceiling. He’s brought the work forward (it was meant to be next month which would have least spread the cost out a bit) because the job he was meant to do this week has been postponed due to illness, and he wants to get the outside jobs done as soon as possible before winter sets in. I hope the weather holds for him, but the forecast isn’t looking too good!