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Communicating with Post-It Notes

I know it’s a bit precious of me to be complaining about a leaking porch roof when there are people elsewhere in the country being flooded out of their homes by the first major storm of this autumn. But on the other hand I did try to pre-empt the issue by paying rather a lot of money to get the porch fixed over the summer, so I was not best pleased to find it looking like a paddling pool yesterday morning.

I was straight on the phone to the builders about getting it fixed, and they agreed to come out today to have another go at sealing the glass roof against the lead work. I left a row of Post-It Notes stuck to the woodwork saying “It’s leaking from here”, “And here”, “And here”. I got home from work this afternoon to find the Post-Its removed and the porch stinking of sealant, so they’ve clearly been and done something. Whether it’s actually fixed the problem or not, I won’t find out until the next downpour……..