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Secret Santa Christmas Lunch

I missed my team’s Christmas lunch today, as I was at a project meeting at our Hampshire site all day so had to send my apologies. However, yesterday I had my first (and almost certainly last) Christmas lunch of the year, with a group of about 20 colleagues from work. I nearly called this post “The Girls’ Christmas Lunch”, but that wouldn’t have been entirely accurate as there were in fact two men who had the honour of being invited.

It was a reasonably decent Christmas meal at a local pub, and I had the full works turkey meal and Christmas pudding & brandy sauce. I took the opportunity to eat this year’s  boiled sprout. I do loathe them so, but they are part of Christmas so I make sure I eat one – but only one – each year. Funnily enough, I rather like sprouts stir-fried with bacon, but ones boiled until they are flaccid I find horrible.

We did a Secret Santa where we each chose a name at random and bought that person a present worth up to £10. That was rather fun as we all opened our gifts. I was given a book of politically correct fairy tales, including “The duckling that was judged on its personal merits and not its physical appearance”! I am not sure what that says about what my colleagues think of me, and perhaps it’s better not to enquire too deeply!