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The pancakes were delicious

I’m pleased to report that  the new frying pan is much better than my grotty old one, and the pancakes that J. and P. cooked for breakfast yesterday were delicious. (J. did chunner a bit that since I’d told the world via this blog that pancakes were on the menu, she felt under pressure to oblige. Hey, that worked then!)

It is a John Lewis pan, and I was so impressed with it that when I was in Waitrose this evening I bought myself a small non-stick saucepan from the same range. That can replace the saucepan I bought as a student nearly twenty-five years ago. The non-stick coating failed many years ago, and the handle has come off the lid leaving a metal stump so I have to use an oven glove to remove it. We should have replaced the pan years ago, but since I wasn’t doing the cooking and Chris never complained about it, we never bothered. Now, however, I’m finding cooking enough of a daily challenge without putting up with dodgy equipment and I think having some decent pans will make life easier. Thanks J & P not only for the frying pan but also for prodding me into spending some money on kitchenware!

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  1. Richard P | 7 February 2011 at 8:52 pm | Permalink

    Spending money on lavish cookware from Waitrose AND pancakes for breakfast – these are hardly matters to be confessed so publicly đŸ˜‰
    (Glad that you had an enjoyable time all the same.)