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A lockdown MOT

My mother’s car, which I inherited, was due its MOT this month. Well, actually, it was originally due it over the summer, but the government in its wisdom back in the first lockdown decided that MOTs were not that essential, and handed out automatic 6 month extensions to all cars which were due one. So even though COVID cases were relatively low in July, when it was originally due, the expiry date was pushed back to January.

Now, despite the fact that the pandemic situation is much worse than it was in July, and we are back in a pretty strict lockdown, it appears that MOTs are essential after all. It might be that the government is concerned about dangerous cars on the road, but I suspect the Treasury is at least equally concerned about the loss of revenue…

In normal years, when I have an MOT due, I like to take the day off work and make an occasion out of a necessity. I drop the car at the garage, then take the train into Worcester to do a little light shopping. Then I have a two-course set lunch at my favourite restaurant, possibly treating myself to a glass of wine since I won’t be driving for hours. In the afternoon I either potter around one of the museums, or plonk myself down on a comfy chair in the library and catch up on some reading until the mechanic phones to say my car is ready. Then I get the next train back to Malvern, having turned an administrative chore into an enjoyable day out.

Obviously, none of that was going to be possible today. The trains are running, but the shops, museums and restaurants are all closed, and the library is only open to people who book in advance to use one of the computers. Instead, I booked a taxi to take me straight home from the garage, and worked from home until the car was ready.

The taxi driver was delighted to take me back into Malvern in the afternoon to pick it up. He was telling me that his work has really dried up and he’s getting hardly any fares – nobody is going out as there’s nowhere to go, and that is hitting the taxi drivers hard. No one is making theatre trips, no taxis are needed back from the pub/restaurants, there are no lucrative long distance airport runs as nobody is going away on either holiday or business, and New Year was a complete washout. I felt thoroughly depressed by the time I got to the garage. Though at least my car passed its MOT ok.

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  1. Hugh | 18 January 2021 at 12:29 pm | Permalink

    Stay positive, there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. At least we live in a reasonable area, I would hate to be stuck in a big city.

  2. paulD | 20 January 2021 at 8:30 am | Permalink

    I took my motorbike for an MOT just before lockdown (remote garage middle of nowhere) i waited outside garage then he came up to me with paper in his hand, It didnt click with me so we chatted, then he said “do you want to pay now ?”. He did MOT so fast i was surprised !

    Hugh, some of big city dwellers are still coming into Lakes, even from London to start climbing Scafel at 3pm, or to find some place they’ve seen on a BBC program, then just call mountain rescue when they get lost !. Apparently tourists still sneaking into Cornwall as well !. You can understand locals getting annoyed when they try and follow the rules.