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The tradesmen return

My cottage certainly seems to be a regular source of employment for the local tradesmen. This week I’ve got Rob, my long-standing decorator, here for his annual week as “artist in residence”. Unfortunately, this year my list of things I want to have done exceeds both my budget and the length of time I’ve hired him for, so I’ve had to prioritise.

Usually I get him to maintain the exterior paintwork. That’s like painting the Forth Bridge – if he does a section each year then no sooner has he finished than it’s time to start at the beginning again. However, I decided this year to have him concentrate on painting some of the woodwork inside the house. The hall woodwork in particular was looking very yellow and was quite chipped. Plus the leak in the main bathroom had caused some of the window frame to rot, which needed stabilising – fortunately it wasn’t a structural timber, so it wasn’t as bad as I’d feared. And the window frames in the living room and my bedroom were looking in need of some TLC.

That’s going to take up pretty much all of the allotted week, so the outside jobs will have to wait until next year.