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Tap dancing rodents

The attic has been blessedly quiet over the summer, but the change in weather over the past few weeks seems to have driven the local mice to find some shelter. At any rate, I’ve started hearing the occasional pitter-patter of tiny feet above my chair in the living room, and the other night it sounded as if there were rodent tap-dancing lessons being held directly above my bed! It was clearly time to contact Martin, the mouse-man, to deal with them. I have to say that he is very prompt and reliable – I texted him last night to request a visit, and he was here at 08:10 this morning with his tubs of bait. He said there had indeed been a fair amount of rodent “activity” in the loft, so he has replenished all the bait and I now just have to wait for it to take effect.

The same thing happens every autumn, so I’m pretty much used to it by now. It’s one of the penalties of living out in the country. I enjoy watching the wildlife in the garden (this year I’ve had everything from hedgehogs and rabbits to foxes and muntjac deer). But I’m not so keen on wildlife in the house, whether that be a blue tit under the bath or mice in the attic. 

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  1. pauld | 30 September 2017 at 3:14 pm | Permalink

    probably better than the noise of drunken yobs screaming outside your house that you might get in town/city. Give me the desolate wilderness anyday.

    I’d still kill the mice despite that