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Bird Bath

I heard a distinctly odd scrabbling sound this afternoon, which sounded as if it was coming from the bathroom. Odd. On further investigation, it was definitely coming from under the bath. Even odder. My first thought was that somehow a mouse had got in there. The main stop-tap is under the bath, so there’s a small access hatch in the panelling to allow access. I opened it to see what was going on, and a little beaked head poked itself out. It wasn’t a mouse at all, but a blue-tit!

It didn’t seem at all scared, but flew up onto the shower-rail and watched with interest while the window was opened. The bathroom window is one I’ve not yet got around to replacing, so it still has secondary double glazing. I think that confused the bird, as it tried to escape as soon as the inner pane was slid open, only to fly slap bang into the outer pane. It looked a bit dazed, but pulled itself together and perched on top of the cold tap, watching carefully while the outer casement was unlocked. As soon as it was open, the bird flew straight out, so it clearly knew what was going on.

What is worrying me is how on earth it got under the bath in the first place! And if a bird can get there, then so could a mouse or worse! I’ve taped up the access-panel, so that if something does get in, then it won’t be able to get into the main house. But I’ve had a really good look around outside for a hole, and can’t see anything. I suppose another possibility is that there’s a way through from the roof space, maybe down behind the boxing that hides the pipework. I know the loft isn’t mouse-proof, so small birds could presumably also get in. Hmmm. Not happy!