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Muji Models

The weather these last few weekends has been pretty miserable, so I thought I’d break out the last of my Muji Model kits, which I’ve been saving for a wet weekend. For the past few Christmases, my parents have given me a selection of these cardboard model kits. As an engineer, I find them extremely well constructed, and the 3D effect is very clever.

The kits start off as a set of cards, each about the size of a postcard but slightly thicker. Each card contains a number of die-cut shapes which you have to press out, and then slot together in numerical order – matching the two slots labelled “1”, then “2” etc etc.  When you’ve done that, you’re left with a rather sad set of left-over card outlines,


and a very sturdy 3-D model, in this case of a knight in armour. To give a sense of scale to this rather fuzzy photo, he’s just over 20cm tall, from his helmet to his boots.


It’s certainly a very constructive way of keeping me quiet for a couple of hours over a wet & windy weekend!