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“While you’re here…….”

Rob the decorator has been making good progress with the bathroom. All the tiles are up and grouted, there’s fresh lining paper on the ceiling, and he’s made a start on painting the woodwork. However, he’s going to have plenty of time to fill in over the next two days, while he’s waiting for the paint to dry before re-coating. And since I’m paying his daily rate for him to be here anyway, I’m going to make sure I get the value out of having a handyman around the house! So I’ve made a long list of small jobs that need doing around the house, and have left it by the kettle where he can’t fail to see it.

I’ve asked him to put replace the silicone sealant on the basin in my en-suite, and around the shower in the annex, since it’s become rather grubby. He’s got sealant anyway for the main job, so that’s really just an extension of what he’d be doing anyway. I also want the hinges on the kitchen door oiled, as there’s an annoying squeak, and a shelf put back up in one of the kitchen cupboards as it keeps falling down. There’s a bit of light gardening needed on my roof (I spotted a sapling growing in one of the valleys, and my ladder’s not tall enough to reach it), and while he’s got the ladder out, I’ve asked him to clear out all my gutters too.

Perhaps most importantly, I want Rob to put up a blind in the shower room in the annex. The window looks out directly onto a wall and is not overlooked at all, so we didn’t bother putting a blind in when we first had it built, as no one would be looking in. However, since I’ve been on my own, I’ve noticed an increasing number of men seem to have legitimate business working directly outside the bathroom window at 08:30am, just when I want to have a shower! There’s Rob himself, when he was painting the external woodwork; the roofers who were fixing the rotten bargeboards; the gardener who regularly needs to weed the wall opposite the window; and of course the window cleaner, whom I strongly suspect of deliberately timing his visits to try to catch me in the shower! When there’s workmen about I have to use the weedy electric shower in my ensuite, simply because there’s a blind in that room to protect my privacy! So I’ve bought a cheap and cheerful roller blind and have asked Rob to cut it to size and put it up. I’ll feel distinctly more comfortable when that’s done.