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“Hang on a minute! Come back!”

So Rob finally finished the bathroom and the long list of household maintenance jobs I’d given him. I got home from work to find him packed up and waiting for me in his van on the drive. We went round the house inspecting and ticking off all the items. Sapling removed from roof? Check. Gutters cleaned out? Check. Kitchen door oiled so it no longer groans like a ghost in chains? Check. Shelf in kitchen cupboard reattached so firmly that it will withstand a small earthquake? Check. Roller blind attached and working in shower room? Check. Hard-to-reach window in extension cleaned? Check. Etc. etc.

The new tiling in the bathroom looks great, and he’s really done a good job there. It’s a huge improvement. He handed back my spare set of house keys and an invoice, and in return I handed over a rather large cheque. I waved him off with a cheery “Thanks very much – see you next year!” and thought I’d try out my lovely new bathroom. It was then that I hit a problem – the door wouldn’t shut, let alone lock! That’s kind of a key feature of a bathroom: it is rather important that the door shuts! I dashed out of the house, yelling “Rob! Stop!” at the top of my voice, and was just in time to intercept him before he drove away!

He came back in to see what was wrong, and was clearly absolutely kicking himself that he hadn’t checked that the bathroom door actually would close after he’d finished painting it. And that was despite me pointing out to him on Tuesday that it was getting very “sticky” and I was finding it tricky to close it. It was only a ten minute job for him to scrape and sand away the excess paint, and to recoat it thinly. But I was really glad that I’d managed to catch him in time, as otherwise he would have had to come back specially to sort it out. Phew!