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End of year madness

It’s coming up to the end of the Financial Year for both my company and our primary customer, and the usual end-of-year madness is in full swing. I’ve had a two-day meeting this week with my main customer to finalise the architectural design for an equipment trial we’re planning for next year. I’m covering for a colleague, who is off sick, on a second project which has a big report and presentation due at the end of next week. I’ve got yet another bid due to be delivered next Wednesday. And on top of all that I need to review and approve milestones from other projects for which I am the technical release authority.

There’s no way I can fit all that into the nominal three days per week equivalent that I’m contracted to work. In fact I was on overtime this week from the moment I got into work this morning, and it’s only Thursday. I think that my colleagues sometimes forget that I only work part-time! I shall be glad when it’s the first of April and things calm down a bit…