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Turning and Decorating

Work has been extremely busy for the past month or more. I had a major meeting with my customer and suppliers, which needed a lot of preparation. Consequently, I’ve been working a lot of overtime and feeling rather stressed. So it was really good to spend Sunday at Eastnor pottery. I wasn’t throwing this time, but rather finishing off the jugs, saucers and bowls that I threw last time I was there. That involves putting the leather-hard pots upside down on the wheel, centring them, holding them in place with coils of fresh clay, and then shaving off the rough edges around the bottom. Since I pay for my pots by kg of fired clay, it’s well worth shaving off as much as I can at this stage. It not only makes them look more elegant, but the lighter they are, the less I pay to take them home!

I don’t find turning and decorating the pots to be quite as much of a stress-reducer as throwing them in the first place, but it’s still pretty relaxing and the morning flew by. Once I’d turned all the pots I decorated some of the pieces by splattering coloured slip onto them with an old toothbrush. I’m sure I learned that technique in infant school, but the end result looks surprisingly good. It also doesn’t take a great deal of skill, which is a good thing as I’m really not at all artistic. Bold colours and simple designs are more my thing, trying not to detract from the underlying shape of the pot itself. Jon the potter promised that all the pots would be fired and glazed in time for Christmas, so what with the glass bowls I made earlier, that’s Christmas sorted…..