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New Bed

Since even my boss has asked me for an update on the Bed Saga, I’m pleased to be able to announce that the new, new bed was delivered on Tuesday. That’s the replacement for the original new bed, which never seemed to be any closer than three weeks away. I took Tuesday morning off to wait in for the delivery, and a lorry turned up just after half past nine. Two burly men made light work of disassembling and taking away my original bed and lumpy mattress, and I then nipped in with the vacuum cleaner, since I don’t think that under the bed had seen the light of day for many years. It was certainly very dusty!

I also spotted that there was more wallpaper peeling off the walls, which was a bit annoying, as Rob had assured me he’d stuck all the loose bits back down. He’d clearly only done the bits that were plainly visible and hadn’t moved either the bed or the chest of drawers. Fortunately, he was still in the house, painting the ceiling of the spare room, so I was able to show him the bits he’d missed, and he’s subsequently fixed them.

The delivery men then unloaded and assembled my new bed, and manoeuvred a king sized mattress through the narrow hallway to finish the job. I thought the deal was cash on delivery, but when I suggested paying them, they looked absolutely horrified, said that they didn’t deal with money, and asked me to phone the shop instead with my credit card. I did so – but the shop couldn’t find my order forms, so didn’t have clue as to how much I owed! Fortunately, I had all of the paperwork in front of me, so I told the salesman how much I thought I had left to pay and how I’d calculated it, and he accepted my word.

The bed looks good in the room. It’s only a few centimetres smaller than the previous one, but it’s much less heavy in looks, so the whole room feels bigger. That was a surprise. The mattress is quite different to what I’ve been used to – much firmer, and without a massive dent and lumps in it! I found it quite hard to get to sleep on Tuesday night, as although it’s pretty comfortable, the firmness was strange. But today I took delivery of a memory foam mattress-topper which I think is going to make all the difference. I had one on the previous bed, and it made lying on my side much more comfortable – my bony hips get cushioned by the foam rather than fighting against the mattress springs. So I’m hoping that the combination of comfortable, firm mattress and memory foam topper will lead to much better nights sleep.