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More painting and decorating

I’m really hoping that the weather stays dry this week, because I’ve got Rob, my trusty decorator, here all week doing an emergency paint job on my soffit boards and barge boards.

A few months ago, I asked the gardener to hack back at the ivy that was covering the wall outside my bedroom window. I don’t mind ivy in general, and it’s pretty much in keeping with a cottage this old. But I don’t like letting it grow right up to the roof – it plays expensive havoc with the tiles, blocks the gutters, and the mice use it as scaffolding to find a way into the loft under the eaves. So the gardener duly cut it back to well below the top of the wall, at which point I noticed that it had done quite a lot of damage to the paintwork where it had been clinging on. There was bare wood exposed, which clearly needed repainting.

I called up Rob, my regular decorator, and he agreed that it would be unwise to leave the bare wood exposed over the winter. I’d quite possibly get rot set in, and that would be expensive. However, he was pretty much fully booked all summer, and the earliest he could fit me in was this week, which is getting right towards the end of his outdoor painting season. Leave it much longer, and the damp mornings set in, and up here on the hills I can be in fog for days at a time from November onwards – hardly conducive to external decorating!

I could really do with getting most, if not all, of the external woodwork repainted, as it’s been a good few years now since it was last done. But there’s simply not time before the weather window closes. So I’ve agreed with Rob that he’ll spend this week here doing the most urgent bits, in particular repainting the damage done by the ivy and painting the big bow window in my living room which was getting rather badly weathered. I think I’ll have to get him back here in the spring to do the rest of the job.

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  1. Kevin Lock | 11 October 2013 at 3:40 pm | Permalink

    I’m guessing that a ‘bow window’ is what we in Aus would call a Bay Window?