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Rich Hall at Malvern Theatres

Work is very intense at the moment, with two big projects both building towards major equipment trials. If I’m not careful, my life at the moment would consist of little more than work, work, more work, with overtime on top. So I think it’s important to deliberately build in some fun, non-work things to look forward to and keep me going.

I don’t often go out in the evenings, especially during the week, as I get too tired. But I will occasionally make an exception, particularly for one-off events at the theatre, say, where there is no option of a matinee showing. And last night was one of those occasions. The American comedian Rich Hall was at Malvern Theatres for one night only, as part of a tour round the UK. I’ve never been to a live stand-up comedy act before, but I’ve seen Rich Hall on panel games on the TV and liked his sense of humour. So I thought that would be an opportunity to try something a bit different.

I wasn’t disappointed! It was great fun. He did a lot of stuff about the difference in culture between the UK and US, and was particularly scathing about the US cheese company Kraft buying Cadburys (“A hostile take-over of a chocolate company? How evil can you get?”) I think the best bit of the show was when he quizzed people in the front row about their names and occupations, then wove those facts into improvised songs. That really was very clever. I was really pleased I was sitting half way back, out of the firing line though!

I was laughing out loud for the best part of two hours, which must have done me a lot of good.