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A wobble

I’ve been getting a series of emails from Christopher over the past week, which has rather shaken me. Ok, they’re clearly not actually from him, but rather from a Google Calendar that he set up when he was first made redundant three years ago. “Empty septic tank”, “Sort out car insurance”, “Get boiler and central heating serviced”.

I’m doing my best to keep on top of his instructions from Beyond The Grave – the septic tank was emptied today, the boiler is scheduled to be serviced tomorrow, and I’ve sorted out the car insurance. But it’s a real double-edged sword. On the one hand, it’s helpful to have reminders of things that absolutely need to be done. But on the other hand, it’s really been upsetting me to get these reminders from and of him. And I don’t know the password of the Google Calendar he set up, so I don’t know how to go in and modify or stop them.

So if anyone bumps into me in town/at work and I look as white as a sheet, no I haven’t just seen a ghost. I’ve received an email from one!