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A functioning oven!

DAR phoned and left a message at 08:30 on Wednesday to say that they had sourced the correct element for my oven, and when could they come and fit it? Unfortunately, I’d left the house hours earlier to get to an all-day meeting at a customer site, but I phoned them in a coffee break to agree a mutually convenient time. I was away at a different customer site all day yesterday too, but was able to arrange to work from home again this morning. Thank goodness for broadband!

As Paul suggested in the comments, once the chap had the correct spare part, it was little more than a ten minute job to replace it. I’m sure I could have done it myself if I’d had the inclination – I am an engineer after all! But I simply haven’t had the time to track down the correct part, and sometimes it’s just more convenient to pay a contractor to get the job done. And they only charged me one call-out fee to cover both visits which seemed fair.

I am very pleased indeed to have a functioning oven again. I’m getting sick of stir-fries and stove-top casseroles. It’s nice to have back access to the full range of things I know how to cook!