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Sorting out the telephone

I have a day off again today. Just as well really, it’s been a manic week at work with two long days out visiting customer sites, and I’m shattered. I’m meeting a friend and ex-colleague for lunch in a few hours time, and have spent the morning doing my Christmas shopping. Having signally failed to buy anything in Worcester last week, I’ve decided that it’s going to be easier and less stressful to do the bulk of it by mail order – either online or over the phone.

So I was making a number of phone calls this morning,  and decided it was about time I did some housekeeping on the phone, and delete numbers that I no longer need. My late father-in-law is one such; I can’t imagine needing to phone there again now. But I also took the opportunity to delete a load of numbers I used regularly when Christopher was ill – including the 24 hour Chemotherapy hotline at Cheltenham hospital, the Worcester Royal Hospital switchboard, and the hospice reception. I sincerely hope I don’t need to use any of those again in a hurry. And I really don’t need to keep them hanging around in my phone, reminding me of last year every time I scroll through the address book looking for a number.