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Running on empty

A colleague and I spent today in a darkened meeting room, projecting onto the wall the final milestone report for my project, and going through it line-by-line. It was pretty intense, but necessary. I got through the day on a combination of adrenalin, caffeine, paracetamol and sheer bloody-mindedness. Unfortunately, by mid-afternoon all four ran out simultaneously! I came home, had a cup of tea, and collapsed in bed for an hour before dinner.

I had at least anticipated that today would be hard work, so on Tuesday I had cooked a double portion of pork-and-apple casserole. So all I needed to do when I got up again this evening was to shove it in the oven with a jacket potato. Dead easy and very tasty. Thank goodness for foresight.

But this exhaustion is no fun at all. Several people have emailed me in response to my post about being anaemic, basically telling me to stop quacking myself, go to the doctor and get myself sorted out. I agree with you, so I went there on Monday, and asked for a full set of blood tests to be run, to see if there is an underlying issue causing this pervasive fatigue. I don’t believe it’s purely a result of the bereavement / depression, since (on the whole and with lots of caveats) I’m making reasonable progress in that respect. I don’t fancy the thought of the fasting blood test I’ve got booked for next week, as I hate missing breakfast, but needs must……

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  1. Catriona | 25 March 2011 at 10:06 am | Permalink

    Well done – you’ll feel so much better in all regards when you are well again. Catriona