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Badly in need of a haircut

Lockdown isn’t going too badly here, on the whole. I’ve not been furloughed and am managing to work from home ok, notwithstanding my lousy “broadband” which keeps dropping out. My freezer and larder are well stocked with food (thanks Hugh for the tips about local places with short queues), and I’m not about to run out of loo roll any time soon. My regular gardener hasn’t been here since lockdown started, even though social distancing would be easy outdoors. However, the window-cleaner is still doing his rounds and was quite happy to mow the lawn as well, so that’s taken care of for now.

Probably my biggest problem is that I’m absolutely desperate for a haircut. I was just working up to my quarterly trim when I had to go into self-isolation, and then lockdown was announced the following week. I don’t think my hair has ever been this long. Every week I look more and more like Prof Mary Beard, the Cambridge Classics don off the telly, just a slightly lighter shade of grey! And even when the hairdressers do reopen, I bet it will be virtually impossible to get an appointment, since everyone is going to be equally desperate. Oh well, I’ll just have to brush up my Classical Greek to sustain the Prof Beard impersonation…..

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  1. pauld | 14 May 2020 at 3:34 pm | Permalink

    Think some workers are liking tax-payer funded holidays on Furlough and need to get back to work.

    I can recommend electric hair clippers off ebay £20, worked fine, done mine and wifes, paid for themselves already, feel so much better after a good thin out