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Yet another pair of glasses

About this time last year, at considerable expense, I bought myself three new pairs of glasses: one for distance, one for using the computer at work, and a third for reading. For the next few months I was constantly swapping glasses depending on what I was doing – it was really quite tiresome.

Then a month or so ago it dawned on me that I really wasn’t swapping my spectacles over nearly as much as before. My normal (distance) pair were just fine for using on the computer, and I only really needed to change glasses at work if I was spending a while reviewing a printed document. Hmmm. Sounded like my vision had changed again and I’d got even more short-sighted. I went back to the opticians to get it checked out, and yes indeed I needed an even stronger prescription.

I really didn’t want to shell out on more pairs of glasses than necessary, so had a really constructive discussion with the opticians about the way forward. We decided that since all the frames were virtually new and perfectly serviceable, I should just “shunt all the pairs of glasses along one”. So last year’s distance pair become my computer glasses. The previous computer/middle-distance glasses are now my reading glasses. And I’ve had new, stronger lenses put in my old reading glasses so that they have now become my new distance pair.

I picked the new pair up this week, and now I’m trying to “break them in”, having all the usual issues that the floor isn’t in the right place and the walls seem at an angle. At least I’m off work for the bank holiday so I can get used to them at home, and deal with the low-grade headache that changing a lens prescription always seems to cause. But now that I’m back to having the correct prescription, I’m also back to changing my glasses every few minutes depending on what I’m doing!