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Dodgy Electrics

No, I don’t mean the car for once. Though that would also be true – the Mini’s fan and aircon now only work on the top two fan settings, which are extremely noisy and blow a gale. It looks like a dodgy connection at the switch for the settings I prefer to use. Annoying, but hopefully not an MOT failure…..

The house electrics however have been causing distinct problems. The new plumber has been back and installed a replacement electric shower in my en-suite. It’s mostly a back-up for when the main shower in the extension is out of action, but I thought I’d better give it a go. All started well – it’s not a power shower, but has perfectly adequate water pressure. But then, just as I was covered in soap, the electricity cut out and it stopped. The RCD had tripped.

That would have been bad enough if the trip switch for the shower was in the main consumer unit in the kitchen. But for some reason it’s in the meter cupboard, which is outside the back door. I know it seems perverse to complain about having to go outside in the rain to turn the shower back on, when I was wet already. But it was very annoying. And it wasn’t a one-off. The same thing happened when I tried it again the next day – and at pretty much the same point, when I was covered in soap again….. So for now, I have a back-up shower, but it’s only suitable for very quick showers, unless one is prepared to sprint to the meter cupboard to reset it. What a good job I wasn’t trying it out on a day when the gardener or window cleaner was here, or he’d have got an eyeful!