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A Trip to New York

I’ve not posted recently because I’ve been away, spending the last nearly three weeks in New York. It wasn’t a holiday though – I was there on business, participating in the latest round of equipment trials as part of a big multi-national team. It was the most complex field trial I’ve even taken part in, and was very challenging both technically and logistically. As a result, I was working very hard most of the time and got to see very little of New York.

Even so, I saw more of it than last time I was there. That was on our honeymoon – Christopher and I had one day in New York before we headed off for the honeymoon proper. Unfortunately, I’d come down with a horrendous cold and felt really ill. So all I saw was the inside of a hotel room, whilst Christopher got as far as the pharmacy on the corner of the block to buy me tissues and cold cures! So much for our plans to go sightseeing!

This time, even if I hadn’t been working, was too hot for much sightseeing. The city was in the midst of a heat wave, to the extent that the Mayor of New York declared a heat emergency. It was over 40 degrees and very very humid. You felt you were wading through the air, it was so thick. And none of the sites I was working at had air conditioning, so it was very hard work.

Some of my team went out sightseeing in the relative cool of the evenings after work, but I was too exhausted to join them. I did however get to see the fire station from Ghostbusters – we walked past it one lunchtime on our way to rendezvous with our US hosts. I strongly suspect that my team took a circuitous route to get there, in order to visit the fire station, as I’m pretty sure it wasn’t on our direct route!

The fire station from Ghostbusters