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The mice are back – again!

It’s been several months since there has been any sign at all of mice in the loft, and I was getting complacent. That was a mistake! They came back on Friday night, just as I was trying to get to sleep, and were scurrying backwards and forwards directly above my bed, all night long. I ended up having to put earplugs in so that I could get some sleep.

They were doing the same again last night, but by the sound of it wearing clogs and tap-dancing. I’ve had to send a desperate text to Martin the pest controller, asking him to come over and deal with them again. I have to say that he is extremely responsive – I texted him over a weekend and he’s replied that he’ll pop round mid afternoon on Monday. I’ll need to be home from work a bit early to meet him, but since I still work part-time that’s not a problem.

I hope this sorts them out quickly, as I really don’t like sleeping with earplugs in…….