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Running to stay still

I’ve not posted much recently – mostly because I’ve been far too busy working. The end-of-year rush meant that lots of meetings had to be deferred to the relative quiet of the new financial year, and since then I’ve been dashing around all over the place. I put an expenses claim in today for business trips to London, Salisbury, Birmingham, Portsmouth, Salisbury again, and Sunbury-On-Thames. I’ve got an upcoming trip to Oxford planned, and there’s a threat of another trip to either Glasgow or Birmingham!

And of course, since I did most of the trips by public transport, I’ve had to put up with the appalling service provided by GWR trains. I think my record this month is a delay of 90 minutes on a nightmare trip to Salisbury when the most direct train was cancelled, I had to go via Reading and Basingstoke, and we “misplaced” the replacement train driver at Oxford as he was stuck in the chaos further down the line. You know it’s going to be a bad trip when the woman at the ticket office hands you a complaints form when you buy your ticket!