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IT meltdown

I’ve been having a very frustrating week with my IT. My iPad started it off – I was using it on Saturday evening, when suddenly the touch screen stopped working. I tried doing several hard reboots, but no joy. I then tried restoring it from iTunes on my laptop, but that required me to verify that I trusted the computer by responding to a prompt on my iPad. Which since the screen wouldn’t respond was very frustrating! I was completely stuck.

On Monday I took the iPad along to my local non-Apple-authorised mobile repair shop. (The closest Apple Store is in Birmingham, and I wasn’t about to take a day off work to go there.) They said they’d have a go at resetting it to factory settings, in case it was a software glitch, but that there would be no guarantee that it would fix things. And indeed it didn’t – it looks like the touch screen is well and truly broken, and annoyingly it’s just outside the warranty period. Worse, Apple touch screens for that particular model of iPad are extremely expensive – I could get a whole new device for not much more. And I use my iPad all the time – I really missed it when I didn’t have it.

So I’ve reluctantly invested in a brand new iPad. John Lewis do free delivery to local Waitrose stores, so I picked it up yesterday. I then spent a nerve-wracking evening trying to get it to work. Fortunately I had a fairly recent backup on iTunes so I could do a nearly full restore. But I still needed to try to set up passwords for various accounts – it wasn’t as straightforward as it had been last time I upgraded.

Then it was a case of making sure that everything was still working. Unfortunately the WordPress app that I sometimes use for blogging is one that isn’t – it seems to require Christopher’s password which I don’t know. But worse still, my entire blog was down! I just got a message saying that there was an error connecting to the database. I got the same error message on my laptop too, so it was clearly a problem at the far end, not something I was doing wrong on my iPad.

That meant a transatlantic phone call to the help desk of the company that Christopher picked to host the blog. I’ve found before that I get good results from them by playing the “widow card” – i.e. “My husband set it up, I don’t understand it as he never explained what he was doing, and now it’s broken but I can’t ask him as he’s dead!”. It turned out that they had “helpfully” moved the blog overnight onto another server, but the config file was still pointing in the wrong place. Fortunately the tech support guy took pity on me when I said that I didn’t have a clue about how it was set up, and he fixed it for me. And he also said that Christopher clearly had a logical mind as the config file was very clearly set out!

If you can read this, then it should all be ok. For now at least.  But he also gave me a talking to about updating the version of WordPress I’m running, and said he’d update the database at his end to enable that. I’ll grit my teeth and try that over the weekend, and hope that doesn’t break anything. I said that I really didn’t want to be forced into the arms of Facebook just to update my friends and family about how I’m getting on!

I’m also going to spend the weekend backing up absolutely everything…

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  1. Sally B | 8 December 2017 at 10:32 am | Permalink

    I feel for you. When we decided to buy a new computer as our old one was still running Windows NT, I shocked the man in the shop where I ordered the new one by buying a new screen and keyboard. I told him I was going to run both machines at the same time to check I had copied across everything we needed. And although it took me the best part of a week, everything was OK – including Geoff’s very expensive Bridge game – I was determined not to buy a new version of that!

  2. pauld | 10 December 2017 at 4:13 pm | Permalink

    i told an electricity company that i cant do online billing as im old and dont use computer, so would you kindly piss off and stop pestering me 🙂