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Family Visitation

I had my sister and brother-in-law staying here over the weekend. We have all been so busy this year that I don’t think we’ve actually seen each other since the New Year, and they certainly haven’t stayed here for over three years. It’s shocking how time flies by! I sometimes stay overnight with my sister if I’ve got an early meeting in London, but she’s been travelling so much for work lately that she’s not actually been around when I’ve needed to go to Town, so that’s not worked out. But they had been having a week’s holiday in North Wales, and Malvern is sufficiently on the way back to London that there was really no excuse not to call in. 

It was really good to catch up with them properly. They admired the new porch – which looks virtually identical to the old porch, just slightly more upright – and rifled through my collection of Agatha Christies, borrowing most of the Poirot mysteries. In return though, they did leave me six months’ worth of National Geographic magazines, which will keep me amused for ages.