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Exploding Cistern

The water pressure was low most of Monday, and then went off entirely for a couple of hours. Apparently it was a problem with a valve on the water mains, and they had to dig up the road yet again to try to fix it. However, the water did eventually come back on later that evening, but of course there were airlocks in the pipes, leading to lots of gushing, hiccoughing and stuttering when I turned the taps on. That wasn’t so bad. But I wasn’t prepared for the Exploding Cistern. This is apparently what happens if you have a BlooLoo cleaning block in the cistern! It made a right mess…..

Exploding BlooLoo in the cistern

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  1. pauld | 31 March 2017 at 1:16 pm | Permalink

    would have been much worse if it was exploding sewars 🙂