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The end of the Shower Saga?

I took yet another half day off work, and the plumber finally came back to put silicone sealant around the edge of the shower. Of course, I wasn’t able to use it immediately – the sealant takes about 24 hours to cure fully, so I had to wait before I could test out the new shower. Which is indeed very powerful and much better than the weedy electric one I’ve been using for the past several months. 

But the saga wasn’t quite over yet. The tap assembly is attached to the underlying mixer valves by a couple of grub screws, and the screw holes are filled in with small screw caps. But the plumber couldn’t find the screw caps. They were so small, and he’d spent so long on the job that they got mislaid. I think myself that he must have thrown them out when he tidied up. Never mind, he said, they were “mostly cosmetic” and he’d phone Triton (the shower manufacturer), get some spares sent to him, and forward those on to me. At that point, I was so relieved to have the shower installed and so keen to see the back of him, that I foolishly agreed to that plan and paid the balance.

Big mistake! Because of course the promised screw caps never turned up, nor did I get a phone call saying what was going on. So I ended up phoning Triton myself instead. Now there’s a company with appalling customer service. It was no wonder the plumber hadn’t been in touch, as Triton refused point blank to send me two tiny metallic-effect screw caps, total estimated value approximately 50p. And their parts are apparently deliberately non-standard sizes, so I couldn’t get something suitable from a hardware store.  Instead, they would only sell me an entire mixer tap assembly, including the screw caps, for the princely sum of £40, though that did include next-day courier delivery. When I said that was unreasonable, they were totally unbending and said I should take it up with the plumber. Since I am sick of the sight of him and fully intend to get a different and hopefully more competent guy in the future, I wasn’t keen on that. The only upside of spending £40 is that, if the same thing happens as last time, and the tap handle shears off due to metal fatigue, I do at least have a spare handy.

I now have a fully functioning shower, including the screw caps, a spare mixer tap assembly, and a strong desire for a new plumber for next time something goes wrong. If anyone in the Malvern area has a tame plumber they’d be happy to recommend, please email me or leave a comment!