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Ongoing shower issues

I’ve had the plumber round to replace the built-in shower in the ensuite. As I feared, it’s not proved to be straightforward. I knew the old shower had been leaking down in front of the tiles. What’s clearly apparent now is that it’s also been leaking behind the tiles, and probably has been doing so for some time. The plasterwork behind the tiles is soaked, and will have to dry out for a couple of weeks at least before it can be re-tiled. So, even though I now have a new shower installed, I still can’t use it until the tiling’s been done.

And of course, several of the old tiles got broken when the plumber removed them, and I don’t have any spares. I do have plenty of spare tiles from the ensuite, but although they are a similar colour, they’re a different size. So there is going to be something of a patchwork effect I think! I took some of the old tiles along to the shop I bought them from, and see if they can source a replacement, but I after 8 years the tiles, as well as the shower, were obsolete and unobtainable. The throw-away culture is all-pervasive, and extremely annoying!

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  1. Kevin Lock | 6 October 2016 at 7:44 am | Permalink

    Where I live in Western Australia, there are a couple of tile finder stores who do a pretty good job of finding a match. Maybe there are similar in London?