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Letting slip what they really think?

It’s Referendum Day today. I did my civic duty this morning and voted on my way in to work. For the first time that I can remember, there was quite a long queue at the Polling Station at the village hall. I’ve always walked straight in before, but not this time. Which I suppose could indicate that the turn-out should be decent this time.

Most of the newspapers have been shameless about nailing their colours to the mast and telling people how to vote – or rather, trying to frighten them into voting one way or the other by printing very biased stories. The i has been refreshingly different – it has been scrupulous about presenting both sides of the debate, and telling its readers that they need to decide for themselves. But I suspect today it may have let slip what it really thought – clue 1 across on the little cryptic crossword today had the answer “REMAIN”….. I wonder how that escaped the eagle eyes of the sub-editor?

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  1. pauld | 27 June 2016 at 7:41 pm | Permalink

    Just to prove i’m not totally anti European tonight is “French night”, just had French ducks legs washed down with loads of French wine. Any spelling mistakes and linguistic errors are due to french wine. Tomorrow it will be back to good old british grub.

    Now we just need Cameron to do honourable thing and clear off now not in a few months time !