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Do Not Adjust the Pictures….

I’m gradually getting used to my new glasses. My distance and middle-distance vision is noticeably improved, and I’m certainly finding it easier to drive in the evenings – much less flare from oncoming headlights. It feels like my close vision is slightly worse than before – I can still read ok, but small print is harder than it was. I suspect that is an indication that I’m getting close to the limit of what can be expected from a single-prescription lens, and that when I next change my glasses I may have to consider varifocals. Shudder! A sign that I’m getting older……

What’s really odd, and most disconcerting, is that my perception of verticals is all over the place. Every single picture frame in the house (and there’s a lot of them) seems to be hanging crooked. I am telling myself that’s just an optical illusion caused by the new lenses, and am refraining (with difficulty) from going around “straightening” them all. I’ll give it at least a week before I do that, to give my eyes a chance to get accustomed to what “vertical” looks like.

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