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At the pottery again

I spent Sunday back at Eastnor Pottery getting another fix of throwing. Business really seems to have taken off since the Pottery Throwdown programme, and the studio was full of people having a go at throwing. Three were on day two of a weekend course – they had spent all day Saturday throwing, and were spending Sunday practising turning and decorating their pots. There was also two people who were doing just a one-day throwing course. Fortunately, Jon the Potter now has the support of his ex-apprentice, Ethan, so between them they were able to give everyone plenty of individual tuition, even though the two groups were at quite different stages. 

I just sat in the corner and did some throwing. My mother has commissioned some more jugs – my father likes his food to be quite moist, so she generally makes a sauce to accompany meals. I’ve already made her a selection of smallish jugs, about 5-6cm tall, and she’s asked for a couple the next size up, i.e. 7-8cm tall. The larger capacity will be more practical when she’s got the family visiting. But all my jugs dribble to a greater or lesser extent, as it’s extremely difficult to hand-throw non-drippy spouts. So she’s requested matching saucers to catch any drips.

Sounds simple enough, and I’m perfectly happy throwing a repeatable jug shape. The trouble is getting a pair that more or less match, fit on a matching saucer without wobbling too much, and come out the right size once the clay has shrunk during drying. So to get the two jugs-and-saucers that were requested, I actually threw ten jugs and four saucers! I’ll go back in a month’s time and select the best-matched pair to turn and decorate, and all the others can go back on the reclaim pile, so nothing will be wasted.